Sengoku Laboratory | Tokyo Institute of Technology


Research Subject
1. Knowledge management

Studies on intellectual productivity management to generate a framework to improve the management of intellectual interactions

2. The management of interdisciplinary R&D

Studies on designing projects and organisations to understand the initiation and formation processes of interdisciplinary research and development (R&D) programmes or projects

3. The management of public and private sector-engagement

Theory development and empirical experiments how to improve cross-sector partnership by designing new and better collaboration systems with the public and private sector

4. Integrated innovation management

Theory development and empirical experiments to develop a standard approach of innovation management, based on studies on science linkage, industry clusters and business modelling, with a particular focus on the biotechnology and healthcare field

5. Human resource and talent development

Planning an educational platform for the institutional nurturing of integrity, technical skills, entrepreneurship and leadership/followership for innovators and candidates in close ties with the abovementioned research theme